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Freight Pickup Procedures


Startrack is the National Freight Carrier for Service Express, and handles all freight in and out of Service Express.

Startrack can be reached by calling 13 23 45

As Startrack are a large national carrier, there are some guidelines and processes that you'll need to consider when dealing with them.

  • Consignment expiration - Your provided consignment notes will expire after 90 days
  • Booked pickups - Pickups must be booked in
  • Dangerous goods declarations - Must be filled out (see attached)
  • Removing old labels on recycled boxes - This will ensure it doesn't return to you

Consignment Expiration

You will now be receiving pre-printed thermal labels, complete with bar codes. These labels are only valid for 90 days, so we'll be sending them to you regularly. Don't worry, if you start running low you can order more at any time by going to the freight information page on this site.

Booked pickups

If you need your goods picked up within 24 hours, make sure to book the freight by calling 13 23 45. This will ensure that the freight is booked into Startracks systems and the pickup won't be missed, even by your regular driver.

Dangerous goods declarations

Make sure to print out and fill out a Dangerous Goods Summary to give the driver when they arrive. This summary will ensure that the driver can take the goods without issue. 

Removing old labels on recycled boxes

IMPORTANT! If you're re-using our old boxes, please make sure the old labels on the boxes have been removed. If there are any existing bar codes that have even the slightest chance of being scanned, it's entirely possible that the freight may end up in the wrong location.

Startrack-Dangerous-Goods-Declaration.pdf Startrack-Dangerous-Goods-Declaration.pdf

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